Concerts & Musicians

"You Tune provides multi-mode functionality, flexibility, and commitment to accessible hearing conversation that will be hard to outmatch. I appreciated the secure fit of the earphones while running. This is a great product!"

Mike H.

"You Tune earphones are well-designed so they are not heavy like other earphones I owned previously. Plus, the wireless earbuds don't move at all when I am running!"

Edward A.

"I love my You Tune earphones! They fit perfectly in my ears and the sound rivals a different headset from a well-known brand that I also own. The earplugs are great, too!"

Rick S.

"Having earplugs that I can adjust so I can continue conversation without taking them out is just what I needed! Plus, with the ability to change from earplugs to earphones with amazing music quality is an all-in-one option I've never found anywhere else!"

Rachel S.

"I am very impressed with the You Tune wireless headsets. It's lasts a long time and the noise-cancelling earplugs are perfect for work!"

Josh W.

Professional Music Filters

Specifically designed for Concert Goers, Musicians, Marching Band. Prevent hearing loss & tinnitus while keeping ears ventilated for optimum comfort.


Enjoy the natural sound of live music, but at a safer lower level.


Choose a color that matches your style!

Proven Performance

A tuned, flat attenuation response over the entire frequency range. Great for preserving speech in noisy environments such as concerts, marching band, music festivals, and public transportation.