YT 15 High-Fidelity Music Filter Package

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The level of Hearing Loss and ringing in your ear at concerts is 100% preventable... so why don’t you wear earplugs? Because they are not cool and the Music sounds Distorted! YT High-Fidelity Music Filters were specifically designed for musicians, music lovers, and concert goers to enjoy the natural sound of live music, but at a safer lower level. They are also great for anyone who needs to communicate in a noisy environment.


  • 1 Set of YT Adjustable Earplugs
  • 1 Set of YT High-Fidelity Level 15 Music Filters
  • 1 Set of YT Silicone Inserts for High-Fidelity or Impulse Filters
  • S/M/L 500 Series Comply™ Premium Tips for Music Isolation
  • 1 Set YT High-Fidelity & Impulse Adapter Inserts
  • 1 Set YT Silicone Eartips for Music Adapter Inserts - 2 flange and 3 flange
  • 1 YT Travel Case
  • 1 YT Manual