You Tune Product Line

Do you have any instructional information for the You Tune Product Line?

Check out our You Tune Instructional Video to assist with product assembly and usage.


How do I know which YT devices go together?

Every element of the You Tune Product Line is interchangeable with the YT Earplugs, so you can always add additional devices in the future!

Also, we created Packages based on the items that are frequently ordered together. You can see the Packages here.



How do I skip songs?

To go to the next song, hold the Volume Up button (on the You Tune Wireless Earphone Control Box) for two seconds.


Can the earphones be used for handset calls?

Both the wireless and wired earphones have microphones that can be used for handset calls.


Will the earphones stay in my ears when I go running or do an intense workout?

Yes. The eartips come in 3 different foam or silicone sizes and are made to stay comfortably in the ear.


Earplugs / Noise Reduction

How should the earplugs fit in the ear?

The earplugs should fit in the bowl of your ear and the eartips should go down your ear canal. Please view an instructional video for proper insertion of the earplugs.


How can you control the amount of sound entering the ear?

The noise reduction feature can be rotated without removing the device from the ear. The noise reduction range is 0 dB to 26 dB NRR.


How does the noise reduction work with the earphones?

If you are around loud or harmful noise and want to reduce the noise, use your earphones with the YT Noise Reduction Threaded Adapter Inserts. If you would like less noise reduction and enhanced sound quality, use your earphones with the YT CTO Music Adapter Inserts.


Can the earplugs be used for airplane pressure?

YT earplugs are not advertised specifically for airplane pressure, but users have successfully relieved airplane pressure with the earplugs. It may be worth a try!

Which accessory provides the highest amount of noise reduction?

The YT Multi-Stage Noise Reduction Filter provides the most noise reduction.

Will the earplugs be comfortable enough for side sleepers?

Yes! YT earplugs work well for sleeping. The eartips are made from unique breathable memory foam that activates by body heat and becomes ultra-soft, which reduces irritation and fatigue.

What is the difference between the YT Adjustable Noise Reduction Filter and the YT Multi-Stage Noise Reduction Filter?

The YT Adjustable Noise Reduction Filter has an adjustable 0 dB to 24 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR.) The YT Multi-Stage Noise Reduction Filter has 3 certified NRR levels: 6 dB NRR, 23 dB NRR, and 26 dB NRR. The user has the ability to choose between three certified levels of noise reduction.

Can the earplugs be used for noise reduction at shooting ranges?

Yes. In fact, YT earplugs have a higher NRR than some well-known earmuff brands. In addition, while shooting glasses and sunglasses can reduce your earmuff noise reduction rating by 10 dB, there is zero impact if glasses are worn with YT earplugs.



What can you do if the Noise Reduction Filters are dirty?

The Multi-Stage Noise Reduction Filters can be cleaned by removing them from the earplugs, rinsing, drying, and then inserting the filters back into the earplugs.

Please note: Multi-Stage Noise Reduction Filters are the only filters that can be cleaned.

What is the difference between the YT 25 High Fidelity Filters and YT 15 High Fidelity Filters?

YT High Fidelity Filters were specifically designed for musicians, music lovers, and concert goers to enjoy the natural sound of live music, but at a safer lower level. They are also great for anyone who needs to communicate in a noisy environment.

The higher number (25 vs 15) denotes greater effectiveness. If your goal is to reduce the risk of long-term hearing loss and tinnitus, which would prevent you from hearing well later in life even in normal listening situations, then choose the higher level of hearing protection.

The YT 25 High-Fidelity Music Filter (Average Attenuation 27 dB with 18 dB Noise Reduction Rating-NRR and 24 dB SNR) provides an 18 dB Noise Reduction Rating. This filter offers a greater amount of hearing protection if you are stage front at a concert, in a small room with a live band, or playing drums in a marching band.

YT 15 High-Fidelity Music Filter (Average Attenuation 21 dB with 11 dB Noise Reduction Rating-NRR & 18 dB SNR) can be used in situations where music is not extremely loud. For example, this filter is helpful if you are "not" stage front at a concert or when you listen to music in a large open-air stadium. The YT 15 High-Fidelity Music Filter provides less noise reduction and allows you to hear more conversational speech while still providing hearing protection.

What are the noise reduction tip sizes?

Take a look at the size chart for the noise reduction eartips. Please note: if the foam tip is difficult to insert into the ear canal or feels uncomfortable, then try a smaller foam tip. It is important that the foam tip seals correctly to achieve the certified sound reduction. A tight seal ensures the highest Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and the best sound quality.

T-500 foam tips 500 Series Comply™ Premium Tips for Music Isolation - As a guide, Medium fits most adult males; Small fits most adult females.

P-Series Comply™ Premium Noise Reduction Tips - As a guide, Original Standard fits most adult males. Short sizes are for children and adults with small ear canals.


What is the difference between the YT Adjustable Noise Reduction Filters and the YT High-Fidelity Filters?

YT Adjustable Noise Reduction Filters offer a level of adjustability and are specifically designed for noise reduction. The YT Adjustable Noise Reduction Filter offers a variable manual mechanical noise reduction system with a certified NRR of 24 dB and three individual levels of hearing protection. Users control the hearing protection based on the noise level and distance from the signal source. YT Adjustable Noise Reduction Filters protect hearing thresholds from harmful sounds and prevent the prevalence of hearing loss.

YT High-Fidelity Filters enable the natural sound of live concert music to be maintained, but at a safer lower level. YT High-Fidelity Filters are also ideal for preserving speech in noisy environments such as restaurants, night clubs, festivals, and public transportation. Your ear is designed to increase certain frequencies. When a person plugs their ear, they eliminate the "Natural Ear Canal Resonance" or clarity of sound, especially in the high frequency range.



Where can I obtain more foam ear tips?

Eartips are available for purchase from the You Tune website.

500 Series Comply Premium Tips for Music Isolation can be purchased here.

P-Series Comply Premium Noise Reduction Tips can be purchased here.



Does You Tune offer a warranty?

You Tune offers a Limited 90 Day Warranty. The warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of You Tune Earphone Devices.

You Tune Hearing Protection (USA), LLC (You Tune) warrants that You Tune Earphones distributed by You Tune in the USA that fail to function properly under normal use due to manufacturing defect when operated according to the owner’s manual enclosed with the device will be replaced with earphones of comparable value.

This Limited Warranty applies to the original owner of this product during the warranty period.

This warranty does not cover cosmetic scratches or any other appearance items; damages or defects resulting from alterations or modifications. If the product was purchased from any other source, there are no warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability and the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and this product is sold strictly "AS IS" and "WITH ALL FAULTS". You Tune shall not be liable for any consequential and/or incidental damages.

Product Warranty
90-days after product shipment

Warranty Claims
Devices will need to be shipped to You Tune Hearing Protection.