YT Impulse/Shooting Filter Package

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With Impulse Filters (For Military/Hunter Use), your hearing is protected while still being able to communicate and hear surrounding sounds. You receive minimal sound reduction for sounds of interest and noise protection to hazardous impulse sounds. The louder the impulse, the greater the protection. We do not regularly use outdated technology, so why use the same earplugs designed in the 1970’s? You Tune devices offer more benefits than any in-ear product in the market.


  • 1 Set of YT Adjustable Earplugs
  • 1 Set of YT Impulse Filters
  • 1 Set of YT Silicone Inserts for High-Fidelity or Impulse Filters
  • S/M/L 500 Series Comply™ Premium Tips for Music Isolation
  • 1 Set YT High-Fidelity & Impulse Adapter Inserts
  • 1 Set YT Silicone Eartips for Music Adapter Inserts - 2 flange and 3 flange
  • 1 YT Travel Case
  • 1 YT Manual