On/Off Earplug & Wireless Bluetooth® Earphone Package

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Hear normally in the “On” position – 0 dB NRR and instantly reduce sounds by an average of 36 dB with one click to the "Off" position. 

The You Tune “On/Off" Earplug has the largest range of usable hearing and noise protection than any other product in the world. 

They outperform bulky earmuffs and do not get in the way of sunglasses.

and allows you to replace your noise reduction filter with certified NRR Bluetooth® 5.0 Earphones. Amazing sound quality with a Transitional Hearing Protection option! Perfect for long runs, vigorous workouts, or protection from hazardous noise at your place of employment.


  • 2 Sets of YT Adjustable Earplugs
  • 1 Set of YT On/Off Noise Reduction Filters
  • 1 Set of YT Noise Reduction Threaded Adapter Inserts
  • P-Series Comply™ Premium Noise Reduction Tips
  • 1 Set of YT WIRELESS Earphones
  • 1 Set of CTO Music Adapter Inserts
  • S/M/L 500 Series Comply™ Premium Tips for Music Isolation
  • 1 Set of YT Silicone Eartips for Music Adapter Inserts
  • 1 YT Cord Collector
  • 1 YT Charging Cable
  • 1 YT Travel Case
  • 1 YT Manual