Multi-Stage Earplug & Wired Earphone Package

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Looking for more control? The only product in the world that offers three certified levels of ear protection and allows you to replace your noise reduction filter with certified NRR wired earphones that have a microphone for voice control. Use your wired earphones with or without hearing protection. Tired of your earphones falling out during workouts? Enjoy using You Tune Earphones that will not fall out during workouts and will provide additional hearing protection, when needed.


  • 2 Sets of YT Adjustable Earplugs
  • 1 Set of YT Multi-Stage Noise Reduction Filters
  • 1 Set of YT Noise Reduction Threaded Adapter Inserts
  • P-Series Comply™ Premium Noise Reduction Tips
  • 1 Set of YT WIRED Earphones
  • 1 Set of YT CTO Music Adapter Inserts
  • S/M/L 500 Series Comply™ Premium Tips for Music Isolation
  • 1 Set of YT Silicone Eartips for Music Adapter Inserts
  • 1 YT Cord Collector
  • 1 YT Travel Case
  • 1 YT Manual